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Appel à projets "Recherche" LabEx COTE 2015

07/09 : 12h

Le LabEx COTE lance un nouvel Appel à projets "Recherche" interne.

Date limite pour déposer les dossiers de candidature : Lundi 07 septembre 2015 à midi.

Pour télécharger le détail de l'appel à projets et le dossier de candidature, cliquez sur "lire la suite". Vous trouverez aussi des informations complémentaires sur les priorités de l'AAP en lisant la présentation réalisée le 8/07/2015 lors de la réunion d'information.

Publié le mardi 05 mai 2015

The overall objective of LabEx COTE is to disentangle the mechanisms triggering the evolution of land and aquatic ecosystems in order to forecast their medium and long-term responses to environmental changes. To this end, COTE has recently established two large scale study sites to facilitate and enhance research meeting its objectives:

- The watershed of the Eyre river, ranging from upland the pine forest and agricultural fields of the Landes plateau down to the Arcachon Bay.
- The Gironde estuary, including the neighbouring vineyards and woodlands on its right and left bank, and heavily impacted by the Bordeaux Metropole area. Roughly the estuary site extends across 50 kms inland on each bank at the level of the cities of Pauillac and Blaye.

These study sites comprise the three major ecosystems (forest, agrosystems and hydrosystems) under anthropogenic influence that COTE investigates and encompass their transitions and interactions.