Evolution, adaptation et gouvernance des écosystèmes continentaux et côtiers 

Ph D Thesis in Environmental Physics / Functional Ecology

Simulation of alternative management practices for perennial plantation adaptation to global changes

Main supervisor:Guerric le Maire (UMR ECO & SOLS) - Tel : 04 99 61 21 15 - Fax : 04 99 61 21 19.

UMR ECO&SOLS, Supagro-Cirad-INRA-IRD, 2 place Viala - Bât. 12, Montpellier Cedex 2,  France, 34060

Second supervisor:Denis Loustau (UMR ISPA, INRA) 06 78 19 73 99

Location : UnitEco&Sols, Montpellier (G. LeMaire) with prolonged stays (2-5 month) in unit ISPA (Bordeaux, Dr. D. Loustau) and Universities of Sao Paulo (Brazil, Dr G. Lemaire) and McQuarie (Sydney, Australia, Pr B.E. Medlyn and Dr; R. Duursma)

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Typical Applicant Profile:

  • Master in Functional Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics Ecosystem Physiology, Geosciences, Environmental sciences.
  • High Engineer School in Agronomy or Scientific Engineering (Ingénieur grandes Ecoles scientifiques)
  • Ecoles Normales en Biologie ou Physique,


Ph D. fellowship co-funded by CIRAD and ANR (project MACCAC).


  • CV and motivation letter (1.5 pages) including two supervisor references should be sent by email at: guerric.le_maire@cirad.fr copy to denis.loustau@bordeaux.inra.fr
  • Final selection after face-to-face interview to be proposed to applicants selected short list, (skype acceptable).

Deadline for application : 1st July, 2014.

Start : 1st October 2014

End : 30st September 2017

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