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Projets soutenus en 2016


Interactions of BOtryosphaeriaceae between forEst and Grapevine Agrosystems (UMR BIOGECO / UMR SAVE)

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DEcadal prediction for detecting trends in Forest mortality and grapevIne productivity (UMR EPOC / UMR EGFV / UMR BIOGECO in partnership with CERGACS and Inra Avignon)

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Sustainable Groundwater Management: A hydro-economic approach (UMR GREThA / Irstea).

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Ecohydrological relations of a Fagus sylvatica refugial population (UMR ISPA / UMR BIOGECO)

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Grapevine and oak comparative epigenomic: Analysis of methylome dynamic underdrought stress (UMR EGFV / UMR BIOGECO in partnership with UMR MABioVis and Bordeaux Bioinfirmatic Center (CBiB)).

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Forecasting changes in microclimate and microbial diversity within tree canopies under climate change scenarios (UMR BIOGECO / UMR ISPA in partnership with Zanne Lab, SMABVC, Unité Expérimentale Forêt de Pierroton et Plateforme GeT PlaGE (GenoToul)).

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TrOphic transfer of major chemical pollUtants in arCAchoN bay: which impact on the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas ? (Ifremer / UMR EPOC in partnership with LSPC Ifremer and SIBA)

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