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Identification of publications related to LabEx COTE


The wording to use in thanks in publications resulting from research that has been fully or partially funded by COTE (under a Research call for proposals, Transfer and valorisation or Conference, mobility grant, internship, use of equipment funded by COTE, etc) is : "This study has been conducted with financial support from the French National Research Agency (ANR) in the framework of the Investments for the Future Programme, within the COTE Cluster of Excellence (ANR-10-LABX-45)" Oral communication media, posters, websites, etc. must also show the Investments in the Future logo and the COTE pictogram (attached). For any questions on their use, please contact Claire Gouny at transfertvalo-labexcote@univ-bordeaux.fr. In addition, for publications on research falling within a COTE theme but not funded by LabEx (e.g. COTE labelled projects), the following wording can be added : "This study has been carried out in the framework of the COTE Cluster of Excellence"  Thank you!

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