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Label applications

What is the COTE label ?

LabEx partner units and members of these units (researchers, postgraduate and post-doctoral students) can benefit from a COTE label to support their research, mobility, or transfer projects or any other initiative to develop their research.

Similarly, these LabEx COTE labels will be taken into account during the LabEx assessments every four and ten years. The LabEx is required to have a training role which could be measured by the number of labels awarded.

Awarding a COTE label to a project recognises that its area of research corresponds to LabEx COTE concerns as defined in the proposal submitted to the Investments in the Future programme.

Who can submit an application?

All research, mobility, thesis, or valorisation project holders who are part of a LabEx partner unit can submit a label application.

Research projects

A COTE label can be requested for projects already underway (e.g. project begun before Labex was deployed) or for projects being developed which are subject to various funding agencies (French National Research Agency, European Framework Programme, Aquitaine Region).


Applications can be submitted for theses in progress on 1 January 2012.

For future theses, a label application supporting a research allowance request for a PhD scholarship will not be accepted. Labels may only be requested once the grant has been awarded. If the PhD scholarship is funded by a research project which is labelled, the thesis will also be labelled and a specific application is not required.

Implicit labelling

Labelling is implicit for projects or PhD Scholarships funded or awarded by LabEx.

Other label applications

Finally, unit directors may also apply for a label to support a job creation request that corresponds to one of LabEx's areas of research.

For more information on label criteria or the procedure or to access the application form, please read the documents below or write to the COTE Manager (manager-labexcote@univ-bordeaux.fr).