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COTE-CPU joint seminar: remote sensing and scientific computing


A seminar will be held jointly by the CPU Cluster of excellence (Numerical certification and reliability) and the LabEx COTE (Evolution, adaptability and governance of continental and coastal ecosystems) on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in the IMS lecture hall, Talence campus site (building A31, cf campus map). First, the objective is to promote mutual exchanges on the common themes shared by the two communities of remote sensing and scientific computing.

The ultimate objective would be to develop projects involving teams from the two LabExs, under the IdEx policy.

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Created Friday 21 March 2014

Draft program (titles to be confirmed):
9am: welcome coffee

  • Francis Macary (Irstea): "Assessing agro-environmental risks in large catchment areas using remote sensing"
  • Jean-Pierre Wigneron (ISPA): "recap on the remote sensing AST project (OASU) and the THEIA context".
  • Lucia Guérin (SAVE): "remote sensing to detect trunk diseases (vine, arboriculture)".
  • Virginie Lafon (EPOC-GéoTransfert) "remote sensing of coastal zones (color of water, bathymetry, etc)".

Coffee break

  • Lionel Bombrun (IMS): "multivariate models for image texture analysis using VHR remote sensing".
  • Charles-Alban Deledalle (IMB): "Non-local estimation using (Pol)(In)SAR imagery".
  • Discussion

1pm: end of seminar

Registration is free but mandatory via this link.

To learn more about the themes addressed by the two LabExs, visit:

 - CPU website http://cpu.labex-univ-bordeaux.fr/

 - COTE website http://cote.labex-univ-bordeaux.fr/