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COTE's call for "Research" proposals 2014


The LabEx COTE launched an internal call for "Research" proposals in 2014.

Application deadline: Monday, June 30, 2014, midday.

To download the specifications of the call for projects and the application form, please click on "read more".

Created Friday 28 March 2014

The overall objective of COTE is to disentangle the mechanisms triggering the evolution of land and aquatic ecosystems in order to forecast their medium and long-term responses to environmental changes. The cluster of Excellence COTE promotes therefore more integrative and global approaches across disciplines and ecosystems, to upgrade our ability to predict the responses of ecosystems to ongoing and future environmental changes. During the first two years, COTE has supported projects aiming and developing integrative approaches and methods either at the scale of a given ecosystem or across different ecosystems. These priorities are at the core of the scientific strategy of the Labex and are maintained during the third year. In addition, the Labex wishes to support projects that target global ecosystem issues as resilience or conversely as vulnerability to environmental changes.