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Cluster of excellence


1. Constitution of the COTE stakeholders committee

The Stakeholders committee is constituted of about thirty people from communities, associations, professional organisations, manufacturers, public organisations, etc. This committee meets once or twice a year to raise questions and issues in LabEx COTE areas and to give a point of view on orientations and progress of studies conducted by teams involved in COTE.

2. Organisation of a yearly Stakeholders Forum

Objective: to involve a wide number of stakeholders in issues addressed by COTE during a "mainstream" science conference every year.

More info on the first LabEx COTE stakeholders’ forum

3. Creation of an interdisciplinary COTE collective expertise unit

Objectives: meet the requirements of manager stakeholders by providing scientific references and expertise on issues pertaining to LabEx areas.

4. Launch a call for projects devoted to transfer and valorisation actions

The objective is to support transfer, valorisation, dissemination, and education actions implemented by LabEx COTE partner units.

5. Valorisation actions and mainstream dissemination

1/ Encourage the participation of researchers working on COTE themes :

- in events for an informed public

- in mainstream dissemination events based on existing systems (conference cycles or science expos with an audience and oiled logistics).

2/ Provide on the COTE website :

Summaries of theses written in the units

Existing valorisation units


Transfer / Valorisation Co-Director

Denis Salles: denis.salles[@]irstea.fr