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1er Congrès EPIMAR (EPIgenetics in MARine biology)
 13/05 - 14/05
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 13/10 - 15/10

17/02 : Presentation of OSQUAR program : Oyster farming and quality - Dynamic Approach of Arcachon Bay


As every year, the researchers from Aquitain Coastline Research Network (RRLA) offer to attend the presentation of the last year advances on the current program on the Arcachon Bay OSQUAR (Oyster farming and quality - Dynamic Approach of Arcachon Bay).

Publié le lundi 06 février 2012

This presentation is open to all and scheduled on Friday, 17/02/2012 from 9 am to 4 pm on the campus of Talence : IBP / ENSCBP: A-Amphi 3.

The morning session will focus on three research parts:
- Oysters and seegrass, from ecological dynamics to social controversies
- Uses and quality on an oyster farming territory
- Monitoring of environmental quality.

The afternoon session will be organized around the theme: Reducing uncertainty through action and decision. Two sub-themes will decline this general theme:
· Follow-up and reduction of uncertainty
· Oyster and oyster farming.

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