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Conférence : Carlos Melian " The stability and complexity of eco-evolutionary networks in meta-ecosystems "

le 25/01 de 11h à 12h
Dernière mise à jour lundi 08 janvier 2018

Carlos Melian (ETH-Zurich and EAWAG) will come to Biogeco on January 24th, 25th and 26th. He is a theoretical ecologist working on the dynamics and evolution of ecological networks.

He will give a talk on Thursday, January 25th from 11:00 to 12:00 at the University of Bordeaux (Allée Geoffroy St-Hilaire, Pessac, B2 building, first floor, seminar room). The talk will be entitled: "The stability and complexity of eco-evolutionary networks in meta-ecosystems"


Biological systems consist of elements that interact within and across hierarchical levels. For example, interactions among genes determine traits of individuals, competitive and cooperative interactions among individuals influence population dynamics, and interactions among species affect the dynamics of communities and ecosystem processes at different spatial scales. Such systems can be represented as hierarchical networks, but can have complex dynamics when interdependencies among levels of the hierarchy occur. We propose modeling ecological and evolutionary processes in hierarchical networks can generate insights about biological systems. In this talk, I will outline how gene networks underlying predator-prey trait distributions can drive food webs and meta-ecosystems. I will focus on how these approaches can address long standing questions about how gene interaction networks and intraspecific variation affect the interdependencies among species and the stability of meta-ecosystems.

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