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ENVIMED 4th Call for proposals 2015

The ENVIMED regional programme is a French cooperation initiative for countries in the Mediterranean Basin designed to encourage and strengthen high-level scientific and technological cooperation in the region as well as research networking on sustainable development and understanding the environmental operation of the Mediterranean Basin. In partnership with France, the programme is focused on Mediterranean rim countries.

Deadline for submitting applications: 15 September 2015.

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Dernière mise à jour jeudi 27 août 2015

In partnership with France, the programme is focused on Mediterranean rim countries. The aim of the programme is to support the internationalization of research in the Mediterranean, in synergy with MISTRALS thematic programmes.

Transversal themes of the ones developed within MISTRALS are particularly encouraged, such as:

Climate changes and interaction between climate, societies and civilizations of the Mediterranean area: adaptations and resiliences;

Aerosols in the Mediterranean: impacts on the energetic budget, precipitations, atmospheric pollution and marine nutrient intake;

Water resources: long term observation systems, modeling with integrating the anthropic systems and interface with socio-economic actors;

Anthropic impacts on ecosystems: biodiversity and ecosystems evolution;

Climate and geological hazards: physical analysis approaches and societal impacts;

The shore : natural and anthropic forcings and theirs societal impacts.

Further information on EMWIS website

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