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Full-time permanent professor position in Stress Ecology and Ecotoxicology - University of Rennes 1

The University of Rennes 1 (Brittany, France) offers a full-time permanent professor position in Stress Ecology and Ecotoxicology, that will be opened in the laboratory UMR CNRS 6553 “Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Evolution” (ECOBIO). Date de l’affectation : Sept 2015.

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Dernière mise à jour jeudi 05 février 2015

Research :  We seek for a senior experienced scientist whose research interests are on functional responses of animal organisms facing environmental stress related to anthropogenic activities and climate changes. The dissemination and the ubiquity of contaminants, - either biological, chemical or physical-, in the environment are that they are one of the major anthropogenic pressures impacting living systems. Aiming to develop integrative biology, applicants should have a strong expertise in animal biology and ecophysiology and generally speaking in ecology of the continental ecosystems. The research works will rely on academic knowledge and concepts of environmental toxicology, physiological adaptation, adaptation in changing environment and stress ecology. We are particularly interested in candidates whose research promotes a multiscale approach (spatial, temporal as well as investigating the different levels of organization of living) within various environmental contexts to test the genericity of mechanisms and to integrate the complexity of environmental ecosystems (combinations of stress, multi-contamination,…). Studies based on animal organisms from continental ecosystems by combining field monitoring and experimental or modeling approaches will then be particularly welcomed. The recruited professor will be in charge of strengthening researches on “environmental toxicology and stress ecology” at the interface between environment sciences and public health sciences within the university of Rennes, according to its future priorities (COMUE, IDEX,…).

To support his/her research, the candidate will benefit from a robust technical environment through the providing of analytical tools ("omics tools, metabolomics, proteomics", genomics, environmental platform, platform of analytical chemistry (GC/LC-MS), imaging nanoSIMS) and through the field observatories and experimental ecology devices that the ECOBIO and the observatory in Environment (OSUR) host.

Education: The  professor position involves teaching at the undergraduate (BSc) and graduate (master) educational programs in the field of ecology and evolutionary biology, part of the teaching programs of the “Life and environmental sciences” and of the OSUR departments. The recruited professor will primary teaches animal biology and physiology and evolutionary physiology in the BSc program of “Biology of Organisms” (L1 to L3 levels) and  in the Master research program “Biodiversity, Ecology, Environment”.  He/She is expected to take a leadership in these above programs and to develop new training program in environmental toxicology and more generally in the stress ecology domain within the Observatory of Sciences of the universe of Rennes (OSUR), and by interacting with others related biology masters programs of the university of Rennes.  

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