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Offre de post-doc - Spectroscopic investigation of PAHs formed in sooting flames using jet cooled laser induced fluorescence - Université de Lille

Particulate emission during combustion processes are the subject of special attention because of their potential involvement in different types of disease ranging from cardiovascular diseases to lung cancer and respiratory allergies. These harmful particles mainly consist of soot. Furthermore, the reduction of the emissions of soot particles is governed by increasing stringent standards.

Dernière mise à jour lundi 11 janvier 2016

Location: PC2A, UMR CNRS 8522, Université de Lille, Sciences et Technologies
Bât. C11 - 59655 Villeneuve d´Ascq
Duration: 12 months (started early 2016)
Net Salary: 24504 € to 28284 €
Supervisor: Xavier Mercier (C11 – RDC)
Tel: 00 33 (0)3 20 43 48 04 Websites: http://pc2a.univ-lille1.fr
E-mail: xavier.mercier@univ-lille1.fr http://www.labex-cappa.fr

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