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Post Doctoral Positions at the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), University of Concepcion, Chile


At least two full-time postdoctoral positions are available immediately  at the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) to undertake  innovative research and to develop questions in any of the research  lines and in association with two, or more, of IMO’s Associate Researchers. http://imo-chile.cl/temas-de-investigacion/?lang=en

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Publié le lundi 22 septembre 2014
Candidates will have to demonstrate experience and motivation to do research in any of them, 
using observational, experimental and/or modelling approaches.
Independent of the area of preference, candidates  will be expected to collaborate from his/her field
in any of the other  areas.
Deadline for submission of applications is November 15, 2014.
Please find attached the announcement for further information.