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Postdoctoral position in Marine Chemistry / Biogeochemistry

le 31/05

A postdoc position (2 years) within the field of Marine Chemistry is available at the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT), in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The main field of the research activities of the new position will be on the sediment-water interface biogeochemistry in relation to the marine ecosystem and in particular towards the Northern seas and the Arctic Zones. Major part of the research of the position will be in studies of the potential impacts of Deep Sea Mining on the critical biogeochemical and ecological process in SMS zones.

The research part of this position shall have a special focus on data mining on the biogeochemistry of the sediment-water interface. Collaboration with existing conceptual model studies on sediment -water interactions, and application of existing coupled transport biogeochemical ecological models will be part of the research.

Deadline is 31 May, 2016.

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