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Séminaire EPOC : Fire in the Max Planck Institut Earth System Model - Tim Brücher (Post-doctorant, Max Planck Institut, Germany)

le 10/07 à 10h45

Le prochain séminaire EPOC Vendredi 10 juillet 2015, 10h45 en Salle Stendhal. Tim Brücher (Post-doctorant, Max Planck Institut, Germany) fera une présentation sur : "Fire in the Max Planck Institut Earth System Model"

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Dernière mise à jour mardi 30 juin 2015

Fire is a crucial process in the disturbance of vegetation that has to be taken into account by a Global Dynamical Vegetation Model (DGVM). Several fire models (e.g. Spitfire, Arora & Boer) are incorporated in the land component of the MPI-ESM. To investigate long timescales of past fire activity, a fast model would be an advantage. Therefore a new model was generated that couples the land surface scheme (JSBACH) of  MPI-ESM to an model of intermediate complexity (CLIMBER). For the Holocene we can state, that we can reproduce reconstructed trends in past fire activity. Several experiments have been performed to detect processes, that controls fire activity in the past on regional scale including human impact. There are also pitfalls in model-data comparison and so the presentation will also focus on different approaches to compare model and data results.

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