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Séminaire EPOC - Salle Univers B18N

le 02/02

Un séminaire EPOC aura lieu jeudi 2 février 2017 à 11 h. Il se déroulera dans la salle Univers du nouveau B18, sur la campus de Talence.

J.P. Walsh (East Carolina University and the University of North Carolina Coastal Studies Institute) viendra parler de "Continental-Margin Sedimentation from North Carolina to New Zealand".

Dernière mise à jour mardi 24 janvier 2017

Résumé :

In response to natural and anthropogenic processes, the Earth is changing, and these dynamics affect the cycling of materials, the availability of resources and the lives and activities of humans.  Continental margins, specifically, are important transition zones between land and sea and are critical locations of sedimentation.  The movement of terrestrial sediment across margins involves a variety of factors and processes which have different influence depending on the coastal setting.  Measurements of surface processes and analysis of sedimentary records can be used to understand these complex systems.  This presentation will review sedimentary research from three different coastal settings: the Waipaoa River margin (New Zealand), the Mississippi River delta and coastal North Carolina, and a framework for contrasting sediment dispersal systems on continental margins will be discussed.

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