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VitisDroughtAdapatation (EGFV / ISPA)

Understanding grapevine varietal differences in response to soit water and vapor pressure deficit (VPD) under drought. Climate change will impose increasingly challenging environmental conditions to...

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MALABAR (BioGeCo / Ifremer / EPOC)

Metabarcoding Appliqué à LA Biodiversité des communautés microalgales du bassin d'ARcachon. Project MALABAR aims at producing the first molecular inventories of some microalgae communities in...

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Fe-P-phyte (EPOC / Irstea)

Role of aquatic macrophytes on iron-phosphorus Knowledge on phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) cycles is vital to resolve or prevent eutrophication problems. One of the practice suggested for P and N...

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Future agriculture will need to better balance productivity with minimising negative impacts on health and biodiversity. The use of agrochemicals will have to be reduced by favouring the biological...

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