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Interactions of BOtryosphaeriaceae between forEst and Grapevine Agrosystems (UMR BIOGECO / UMR SAVE)

Botryosphaeriaceae fungi are an emerging group of pathogens of both grapevines and forest trees. They are responsible of dieback disease, of which an increase of frequency has been alarmingly reported for the last decade. The majority of Botryosphaeriaceae species are endophytes but can cause symptoms especially in specific host-stress conditions. Climate change has been already shown to be favorable for these pathogens. In addition to the difficulties commonly faced to control pathogens presenting such opportunistic behavior, the knowledge on species composition and spatial distribution of this group is still sparse. Recent observations further suggest that common Botryosphaeriaceae species are found both in vineyards and in forests. Therefore, several important questions require our attention: what is the level of Botryosphaeriaceae species diversity affecting these two agrosystems? Is the species composition of both compartments connected or showing evidence of hostspecialisation? For these purposes, an integrative and interdisciplinary approach will be developed. First stage will consist to clarify the composition of Botryosphaeriaceae communities in vineyards and forests. The second will investigate the population origin and genetic structure of frequently identified species (i.e. key species). Third and final one will explore the level of host-specialisation developed by key species, in interaction with host water-stress. This approach will be initiated locally, since Botryosphaeriaceae fungi have been intensively reported in South-West of France and will benefit from already built networks. Eventually, the knowledge produced during this project will have important fundamental outcomes, especially for host-pathogen evolution and specialisation, and in applied outcomes like the development of more integrative solutions for epidemics management.

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