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Chantal Gardes, Head of Scientific and Technical Information and Communication, Irstea Centre of Bordeaux

Crédit : IrsteaCrédit : Irstea

After studying Information and Communication Sciences at a University Institute of Technology, Chantal Gardes began working at the IRSTEA Centre of Bordeaux (called CTGREF Bordeaux then). "I began working by replacing someone off on maternity leave while I was still at university but it paid off! I was then given a contract to develop an archive department for one of the centre's unit and a few years later I was promoted to Head of Scientific and Technical Information and Communication (STI) of the Bordeaux centre". IRSTEA's STI supports researchers and engineers and serves the institution's strategy. It is constituted of a central department and nine regional resource centres. In these centres, documentalists provide local service and a network.

"A researcher needs to be able to navigate through the abundance of information available". By helping researchers in their information and communication requirements, Chantal Gardes facilitates their access to the increasingly complex world that surrounds them. She is also working on an image (photos, videos) management policy for her institution.

 Her knowledge of the activities of engineers and researchers at the centre gradually led Chantal to take charge of communication to the scientific community, the media, and the general public. Chantal Gardes's job is very varied and covers all of the centre's activities from organising the Science Festival or Institute events, such as the recent release of sturgeon in the Dordogne, and press contacts. She has also just been appointed LabEx COTE communication contact for IRSTEA. "My role is to be an interface between LabEx and the IRSTEA Bordeaux team involved in it. I provide information about us that could interest the entire LabEx community and I also provide information on LabEx to our units. Although we're used to working with external teams, LabEx's way of working is new and we need to work together to define effective communication channels to enable the teams to get know each other which is necessary for a project to work".

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