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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

COTE "Transfer" internship grants

Ten internships for second-year master students or final-year engineering students are to be granted in order to achieve transfer and valorization missions at the interface between a LabEx laboratory (possibly in connection with the involved transfer cell) and a socio-economic partner (SME, local authority, manager, organization, industry, etc).

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Last update Tuesday 07 July 2020



Internship title



Annabel Porté

Evaluation of the urban biodiversity of the campus of the University of Bordeaux

Talence campus culture department, University of Bordeaux


Céline Meredieu

Characteristics and impact of the first thinnings on the growth model



Kees Van Leeuwen

Study of the factors responsible for the variability in the size of the berry and its oenological consequences

SCEA Vignobles Bardet

ISPA (Atmosphere Plant Soil Interactions)

Thomas Nesme

Study of the Grand'Landais agropastoral system of the first half of the nineteenth century

Marquèze Ecomuseum, Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park


Bastien Castagneyrol (co-supervision Philippe Deuffic IRSTEA

What are the socio-economic brakes and levers for the diversification of populations in the Landes forest area

CRPFA (Regional Center Of Forest Property)


Annabel Porté

Dynamics of the invasive black locust and tree-of-heaven (FAUX)

Joint Planning Syndicate of the Ciron Catchment Area Bernos-Beaulac (33) and the Ile de Ré municipalities (17)


Helene Budzinski

Establishment of a mobile experimental structure for assessing the effectiveness of treatments by membrane bioreactor on the reduction of hospital discharges in the Arcachon bay

SIBA (Arcachon Bay Intercommunal Union)


Marie-Hélène Devier

Study of the influence of the technical itinerary for maize on the presence phytosanitary products in the water: case of S-metolachlor

SIBA (Arcachon Bay Intercommunal Union)

Grants can be requested before the position is filled. The holder retains the benefit of the scholarship until the position is filled.

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