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Cluster of excellence

"COTE & flux: exchanges/nutrient and contaminant flux between ecosystem compartments and impacts on their functioning"

Last update Wednesday 27 August 2014

Program of activities:

10.15am Christophe Nguyen / Laurence Denaix (ISPA)
Soil-plant transfer of minerals and trace elements in agrosystems: impacts on the quality of the consumed vegetable products
10.35am Pierre Labadie, Gabriel Munoz and Hélène Budzinski (EPOC - LPTC)
Spatial and temporal trends of perfluoroalkylated compounds in the River Seine and transfer to the periphytic biofilm.
10.55am Véronique Loizeau (Ifremer)
Fate and transfer of persistent organic contaminants through food webs - Comparison of several systems, influence of species life-history traits.
11 .15am Patrice Gonzalez (EPOC - Host team)
Impacts of major pollutants in Arcachon Bay on two flagship species, the cupped oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and the dwarf eelgrass (Zostera noltei), an experimental in situ approach.
11.35am Discussion (1st part)

12.15pm Lunch break

1.30pm Didier Alard, Emmanuel Corcket (BioGeCo)
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition impacts on biodiversity. Grasslands in Europe and France
1.50pm Gwenaël Abril (EPOC - EcoBioC)
Controls on the biochemical functioning of continental waters through their surrounding terrestrial environments
2.10pm Loris Deirmendjian (EPOC - EcoBioC / CNP - Leyre project doctoral student)
Carbon flux at the sediment-water interface in the catchment area of the River Leyre
2.30pm Pierre Anschutz (EPOC - EcoBioC)
Underground fluxes of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from groundwaters towards coastal environments
2.50pm Odile Leccia (Irstea - ADBX)
Modeling of nitrogen transfer from soil to groundwaters using a SWAT coupling method (Irstea) – MARTHE (BRGM): application to the Boutonne River basin.
3.10pm Françoise Vernier (Irstea - ADBX)
Impacts of changes in farming practices or systems on pesticide transfer across territories where water is an issue: integrated approach using models and indicators
3.30pm Benjamin Nowak (ISPA)
Local nutrient recycling is positively correlated with the diversity of agricultural production across territories
3.50pm Discussion (2nd part)

  Loris Deirmendjian
  Pierre Labadie
  Gwenaël Abril
  Benjamin Nowak
  Christophe Nguyen