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COTE scientific seminar on "Invasive species" on July 10, 2014 - Conferences and report available on line

Last update Wednesday 27 August 2014

Program of activities:

Nastasia Merceron (BioGeCo) - "Control of Acer negundo insights from experimental and physiological studies"
Cristina Ribaudo (Irstea) - "Influence of invasive hydrophytes on the biogeochemistry of shallow lakes"
Maud Berroneau (SHF) - "Alien invasive reptiles and amphibians"
Guy Bachelet (EPOC) - "Non-indigenous species on the Channel and Atlantic coastlines: What impacts on our coastal ecosystems?"

  Compte rendu du séminaire
  Nastasia Merceron Présentation
  Nastasia Merceron Son
  Cristina Ribaudo Présentation
  Cristina Ribaudo Son
  Maud Berroneau Présentation
  Maud Berroneau Son
  Guy Bachelet Présentation
  Guy Bachelet Son