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LabEx COTE seminar: "Do Scenarios have the COTE dimension?"

le 16/05 de 14h at 18h

This seminar proposes to address this COTE issue through five questions. What is a scenario? Why do we use scenarios? How are they built? How are they used? What are the possible scenarios for our ecosystems?

Last update Tuesday 14 May 2013

Program of activities:

First, presentations will illustrate the construction and/or the implementation of scenarios by COTE scientists. The speakers will address the five questions through examples. A summary will then be produced.

  • "Scenarios for estuarine dynamics. Interest of hydro-sedimentary modeling" by Aldo Sottolichio, UMR EPOC
  • "Forest adaptation strategies and scenarios. A foresight study of the 'Landes de Gascogne Forest 2050'" by Vincent Banos, Irstea
  • Methodological issues in the development of integrated forest management scenarios:  'design', cumulativity, relationship to models" by Baptiste Hautdidier, Irstea
  • "Human-driven scenarios: a matter of preference" by Jeanne Dachary-Bernard, Irstea

The synthesis will start with a discussion in which each participant will be able to share his or her own point of view, experience or doubts on the subject.
Finally, the participants will be brought to identify possible ways of developing scenarios within the COTE issues framework.
The purpose of this seminar is to make scientists from all disciplines consider scenario approaches and share an enlightened vision of the approach.