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Post-doc position at the University of Lorraine : Evaluation of soil quality supplemented with ashes

A 12-months post-doctoral position is available at the University of Lorraine. The objective is to evaluate the quality of soil supplemented with ashes for biomass production.

Last update Friday 07 April 2017

The recruited person should have competences in fields of microbial ecology and ecotoxicology. Knowledge in analytical chemistry and/or plant biology would be required. Hearing of candidates will take place in April-May 2017 and recruited May 15th, 2017 at best.

The detailed CV (list of publications, summary of the research projects, names and e-mail of two referees) and the cover letter should be sent to Sonia HENRY.

More information on the position in the attached file below.

  Offre Post-Doc UL IUTTY 2017