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Program of the COTE-LaScAr.Bx seminar

07/02 : 09h - 16h

The LaScArBx (Bordeaux Archaeological Sciences) and COTE LabExs will organize a seminar on Thursday, February 7, 2013, at Espace Agora (Domaine du Haut-Carré, Talence) on changing environments.

Click on "Read more" to view the program. Registration by email is free but mandatory: transfertvalo-labexcote@univ-bordeaux.fr.

Created Monday 28 January 2013


  • Introduction to the LabEx LaScArBx - Valérie Fromentin, Director.
  • Introduction to the LabEx COTE - Antoine Kremer, Co-director.
  • "Reconstructing the history of beech populations in the Aquitaine region using genetic and fossil data" by Rémy Petit BIOGECO.
  • Settlements, territories, man-environment interactions in the Aquitaine region (1st millennium BC - 1st millennium AD) by Anne Colin and Florence Verdin AUSONIUS.


  • "Internationalization of activities and sustainable development in Condatomagus" by Jean-Philippe Terreaux IRSTEA
  • "Interest of an integrated and long-term approach of climate change in the Aquitaine region: contribution of paleo-climatic records" by Frédérique Eynaud EPOC, and "Climate, vegetation and fire regime changes in Aquitaine in the last 40,000 years" by Maria Fernanda Sanchez Goni.
  • "Strategies to understand climate change impacts on human and animal populations as well as on paleoenvironments along the Atlantic coast in the last 40,000 years" by Francesco D'Errico PACEA.
  • Selection of topics for afternoon discussion groups.

Lunch on site (Luncheon cocktail)

2-4pm: Discussion groups