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Program of the LabEx COTE seminar "COTE assessment of climate change"

le 27/03 de 09h at 13h
Last update Monday 25 March 2013

Lecture hall of the ISM, University of Bordeaux 1, build. A12, 3rd floor, east wing.

Welcome: 8.45am

Seminar starts at 9am:

  • Sylvain Delzon BIOGECO & Thibaud Rougier IRSTEA: Evolutionary ecology: "Response of forest species to climate change" & "Approaches dealing with climate change and diadromous species"
  • Jérôme Ogée EPHYSE: Functional ecophysiology, physical markers: "Plant acclimatization to global changes using paleo proxies"
  • Bruno Malaizé & Valérie David, EPOC: Paleoclimates, ecology and biogeochemistry 


  • David Lecourieux & Philippe Pieri EGFV: "Climate change and the vine": "Predicting the impacts of climate change on viticulture" & Impacts of temperature on the development and metabolism of grape berries"
  • Denis Salles IRSTEA: "Climate change: sociological perspectives"
  • Alexandre Bosc & Denis Loustau EPHYSE: Functional ecology: "Prospective study on the long-term impacts of climate change on production forest cover"

Discussion/set-up of one or several working group(s)

End of seminar at 1pm, the participants will be invited to continue the discussion over a drink.