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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

IRSTEA Bordeaux

IRSTEA is the French National Institute of Environmental Research and Technology. Its centre is located near Bordeaux and its aims are to gain knowledge and produce applied solutions to environmental issues across the multi-disciplinary fields of its 3 research units:

- ADBX: territorial development (dynamics of rural areas and amenities)

- EPBX: functioning of estuarine ecosystems, ecology and conservation of diadromous fish,

- REBX: assessment of the ecological status of freshwater systems, environmental chemistry and water technologies (optimisation of wastewater treatment processes, functioning of water distribution networks).

Contribution to the cluster of excellence

IRSTEA Bordeaux’s main contribution lies in its development of methods for assessing, monitoring and predicting water ecosystems quality and services, and the evolution of aquatic populations from rivers to estuaries under climatic, exploitation and chemical drivers, and especially (based on field sampling and long-term monitoring, mesocosm studies, innovative means of investigations such as telemetry, microchemistry, passive-samplers, biointegration, bioindicators), methods for risk analysis and tools for public policies and decision support.

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