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COTE scientific event organisation

1. Establishing working groups

The COTE Executive Committee and the Steering Committee wanted to establish working groups on three work packages with the following objectives:

- facilitate mutual understanding of research by different units through an overview of current research on each WP (in particular, by each of the units involved in COTE) to ensure that ongoing research on ecosystems and/or approaches is known to everyone involved in COTE,

- Identify needs and be a source of proposal for the implementation of the resulting concrete actions in each WP (e.g. direct future calls for tender, workshops sharing, etc.). COTE would also consider funding a jointly developed project and directly support some of its actions (equipment purchasing, specific research project funding, etc.).

2. Selecting managers

During the COTE launch seminar, workshops helped start initial work by WP. People were then identified as potential managers and a balance was sought by retaining only four of the people identified for each WP, paying attention to their specialities in order to cross disciplinary approaches and ecosystems.

These managers were initially appointed for six months (end 2012) and the Management team's composition would then develop as required.

WP 1: Development factors and impacts of environmental change

- Pierre Labadie (EPOC): p.labadie[@]epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr

- Alexandre Bosc (EPHYSE): alexandre.bosc[@]pierroton.inra.fr

- Alain Mollier (TCEM): mollier[@]bordeaux.inra.fr

WP 2: Ecosystem responses

- Sabine Stachowski Haberkorn (Ifremer): sabine.stachowski.haberkorn[@]ifremer.fr

- Soizic Morin (Irstea): soizic.morin[@]irstea.fr

- Sylvain Delzon (BioGeCo): sylvain.delzon[@]u-bordeaux1.fr

WP 3: Trends and scenarios for the future

- Gabrielle Bouleau  (Irstea): gabrielle.bouleau[@]irstea.fr

- Jérémy Lobry (Irstea): jeremy.lobry[@]irstea.fr

- Valérie David (EPOC): v.david[@]epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr

3. Manager roles

COTE managers are in charge of organising discussions and scientific seminars for each work package. There are four managers for each WP but this does not exclude the participation of other members of COTE teams in discussions on Work packages.

LabEx assists in managing the groups (project manager support and liaison with the executive committee if need be).

4. Discussion seminars

6/11/12: "Use, impact, and future of pesticides. What research subjects for LabEx COTE?"

6/12/12: "Interactions between ecosystems. What research should be done to anticipate ecosystem interdependencies in the context of climate change?" and "What place does environmental physics, biology, chemistry and human and social sciences research have in adaptive management?"

7/02/13: LabEx COTE - LaScArBx Seminar

27/03/13: How can climate change be measured? Approaches and means to understand climate change in Labex COTE

16/05/13: How popular are Scenarios?

15/10/13: Functional approaches: opportunities and reservations