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LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
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Stakeholders Forum 2013

The first edition of the LabEx COTE stakeholders forum was held on Friday, September 6, 2013, from 9am-5pm in the main lecture hall of ENSCBP. This year, this open symposium for sharing and exchanging, to which all the supporters of the issues dealt with by the LabEx COTE were invited, was dedicated to climate change in the Aquitaine region.

"Climate change in Aquitaine: constraints or opportunities"

The forum was led by Denis Salles, Research Director in sociology at Irstea

  • 9am Introduction:

- Welcome, Antoine Kremer (Inra, UMR BioGeCo), co-director of the LabEx COTE

- Introduction by Monique De Marco, Vice-President of the Aquitaine Regional Council in charge of environment and adaptation to climate change

- "Climate change in the Aquitaine region", Eric Villenave (University of Bordeaux 1, UMR EPOC, Director of the Aquitaine Observatory of Sciences of the Universe)

  • 10.30am Round table: Science and society, responding to climate change

- "Preparing forests for climate change" by Roland de Lary, Director of the Aquitaine Regional Center for privately-owned forests (CRPF)

-  "Vine adaptation to climate change: constraint or opportunity?" by Muriel Barthe, Technical Director of the Bordeaux Wine Bureau (CIVB)

- "Climate change along the Aquitaine coastline: how should stakeholders act?" by Adeline Thévand, Environmental engineer at Arcachon Bay Inter municipal Union (SIBA) and Nicolas Castay Director of the GIP Littoral Aquitain (Aquitaine coastline Public interest grouping)

- "Society responding to climate change" by Jean-Marie Froidefond Director of Sepanso

With the participation of a panel of scientists who contributed to the book Climate change impacts in the Aquitaine region (University press of Bordeaux / LGPA-editions):

  • Hélène Budzinski (CNRS, UMR EPOC)
  • Nathalie Caill-Milly (Ifremer, LRHA)
  • Bruno Castelle (CNRS, UMR EPOC)
  • Jeoffrey Dehez (Irstea – Bordeaux, UR ADBX)
  • Antoine Kremer (Inra, UMR BioGECo)
  • Nathalie Ollat (Inra, UMR EGFV)
  • Jean-Christophe Pereau (Bordeaux University IV, UMR GREThA)
  • Eric Villenave (Bordeaux University 1, UMR EPOC / OASU)

With the participation of Laurent Pelage, a sociologist, Professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQM), as Great witness  

  • 12.30pm Buffet lunch
  • 2pm Water and ecosystems, responding to climate change:

Availability of water resources:

- "Water, agriculture and climate change" with Nathalie Ollat et al., Research engineer at Inra, UMR EGFV

- "Availability of water resources: impacts on quality", with Hélène Budzinski et al., Research Director at CNRS, UMR EPOC

- "Garonne 2050 Prospective: adaptation to climate change impacts on water resources" with Françoise Goulard, Prospective and research expert, Adour-Garonne Water Agency 

Discussion with the audience and the panel of scientists

3.30pm Climate change, aquatic environments and biodiversity:

- "Biodiversity and exploited resources" with Nathalie Caill-Milly, Research fellow at Ifremer, Halieutic Resources Laboratory of Aquitaine

Discussion with the audience and the panel of scientists

  • 4pm Conclusion and perspectives
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