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Cyanobacteria Monitoring and Alert System for bathing areas in the Born lakes using fluorescence probes (Supervised by Christophe Laplace-Treyture of IRSTEA Bordeaux in partnership with the Great Lakes Community of Municipalities (CCGL) and the Mimizan Community of Municipalities).

Several bathing areas in the major Landes Region lakes are regularly monitored by the environmental services of the CCGL and the Mimizan Community of Municipalities for public health reasons. Regulations require biological monitoring of these bathing areas to monitor cyanobacteria levels as they can produce cyanobacterial toxins which are toxic to humans. This work is done in a laboratory and, by its very nature, requires a response time of at least 24 hours.

The CYANALERT project proposes to reduce response time and change the monitoring and alert decision tree by using fluorescence technology that can be directly implemented in the field.

The proposed monitoring protocol will be validated by the acquisition of new data on these bathing areas between May and October 2013 and technology will be transferred from the UR REBX - IRSTEA CARMA team to the two Communities of Municipalities in charge of monitoring for routine application in 2014. The CYANALERT project will also provide training in the use of this fluorescence technology to the Community of Municipalities field operators.

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