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Edition of collective popular science book "A Chronicle of Forest Research in Aquitaine"

UMR Biogeco / ISPA / Irstea – CRPF Aquitaine, EFIATLANTIC, FCBA

The years 2014-2015 marked the fiftieth anniversary of forest research conducted by the INRA in Aquitaine in partnership with university stakeholders, technical institutes, development agencies and professionals from the forestry-wood sector. In connection with its National History Committee, the INRA intends to coordinate a collective popular science book telling the history and results of their research in the form of an illustrated chronicle in connection with the development of the forest sector in Aquitaine and including multiple contributions and testimonies. 

Main characteristics of the project: 

  • 28 Authors from the INRA, IRSTEA, Aquitaine universities and external partners 
  • Publisher: Bordeaux University Press
  • Target general public. Format: 250 pages - 3500 copies + digital format. 
  • Provisional title "50 years of Forest-Wood Research in Aquitaine " 
  • Launch Event for the book planned in 2015
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