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Dynamics and management of Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) and Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) invasive (Biogeco / Ile de Re Municipalities / Joint  Planning Syndicate of the Ciron Catchment Area (SMACBVC).

The goal of the FAUX project is to develop applied knowledge on invasive trees and transfer that knowledge to partners, professionals and individuals in order to assess the risks, propose methods for appropriate management and develop communication and prevention tools. To do this, FAUX has paired partners from the worlds of research (INRA University of Bordeaux) and the management of natural environments (Rangers from Ile de Re Municipalities, SMACBVC).  The selected species (Robinia pseudoacacia – black locust, Ailanthus altissima – tree of heaven) raise management issues for the different environmental protection stakeholders: the installation of these trees in protected and/or sensitive spaces can lead to substantial modifications in the species and environments that they manage or administer. They then realized that their traditional approach to management was unsuitable. The FAUX project was designed to provide scientific evidence from basic and applied research on invasive trees to partners in charge of the management of natural territories in order to establish and promote suitable management methods for these species.

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