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Supervised by Frédérique Eynaud of the UMR EPOC in partnership with the DEVUIP, University of Bordeaux 1 department of culture, the UFR STM, BRGM, ONF, Terrallis, and associations (Terre & Océan, Cap-Terre, Surfrider foundation, etc.)

The Atlantic coastline is highly attractive and has a high concentration of professional and leisure activities. This high pressure is partially responsible for making this area very fragile to global change. The speed and magnitude of the change in Aquitaine coastal habitats can be perceived by humans and any vaguely responsible eye can see the progression which has picked up momentum in recent years. However, it is still difficult for everyone to understand properly and concretely what is at stake. Mediation actions to the general public transfer knowledge and are therefore a privileged education and awareness tool.

Therefore, this project is focused on an educational and mediation component through several very concrete actions (including a flagship event on 23 May 2013 during the "Sciences en fêtes" day). Our objectives are to: (1) reveal to high school students and the general public the scope of the theme of the Aquitaine coast (2) contribute to a better understanding of issues affecting the coast (including scientific research actions) (3) educate individuals as citizens or as a group on coastal remedial actions.

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