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Development of a standalone software package for calculating the IPLAC index applicable to French water bodies (IRSTEA/GEOLANDES)

In order to qualify the ecological status of a body of water, a bio-indication index named IPLAC for Lake Phytoplankton Index has been developed at Irstea (French Research Institute of Science And Technology For Environment And Agriculture). The GEOLANDES joint syndicate ensures the management and monitoring of the ecological and chemical status of 7 bodies of water under 50 ha located on the Landes coastline. It is necessary to calculate the IPLAC on these water bodies in order to qualify the ecological status; however it cannot currently be calculated by the manager.
In order to enable GEOLANDES to be autonomous for calculating the IPLAC, the present project, LOGIPLAC, plans to develop a calculation software module complementary with the PHYTOBS software program in partnership with the Joint Syndicate. The interface, the entry screens and the expected output of the module will be developed in close collaboration with GEOLANDES in order to meet its expectations.
This project includes a software development phase, test phases on data sets provided by the external partner and a tutoring phase for providing assistance in interpreting the index results. LOGIPLAC thus allows the transfer of the phytoplankton bio-indication method for assessing water bodies to the Joint Syndicate. The application will then be made available to all the actors working on phytoplankton in France and in Europe.

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