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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence


Stelae and diadromous fish travel (Supervised by Françoise Daverat of the IRSTEA in partnership with IPREM LCABIE and Cap Sciences).

Based on the same idea as the "GIANT" poem engraved on a meagre otolith, the project hopes to create a work of art by laser engraving poems in microscopic letters on migratory fish otoliths and exhibiting these works of art to a wide audience.  This art project called "Protolith" uses tools, principles, and results of joint research programmes between the IRSTEA and LCABIE (Laboratory of Bioinorganic Analytical and Environmental Chemistry) using otoliths, inner ear bones, of fish as a tool to retrospectively trace the migration of diadromous fish. This research needs spatial references of the habitats used by fish. "Protolith" incorporates these principles by proposing an installation punctuated with spatial references and "stelae" and "songs" and poems engraved on otoliths that can be read under a microscope.  These works of art are intended to be exhibited to a wide audience in sites promoting science (Cap Sciences, Conferences) or contemporary art.

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