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Past and future cadmium contamination in fish habitats of the Gironde estuary : an otolith and modeling approach (Supervised by Françoise DAVERAT (Irstea) in partnership with UMR EPOC, Irstea and IPREM LCABIE (Laboratory of Bioinorganic Analytical and Environmental Chemistry)).

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Carbon dynamics of nitrogen and phosphorus on the aquatic and terrestrial interface of the Leyre catchment area (supervised by Gwenaël Abril of the EPOC in partnership with ISPA).

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Influence of the quality of dissolved organic matter on the toxicity of pesticides on micro-algae along a freshwater - marine water continuum (supervised by Soizic Morin of the IRSTEA Bordeaux in partnership with IFREMER Nantes and the UMR EPOC).

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Microbial and arthropod community species flows between forest and vineyard ecosystems (supervised by Cécile Robin of the UMR BioGeCO in partnership with the SAVE and ISPA).

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Can Climate change partly explain the Arcachon Oyster crisis ? (supervised by Valérie David of the UMR EPOC in partnership with the GREThA).

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Cyanobacteria Monitoring and Alert System for bathing areas in the Born lakes using fluorescence probes (Supervised by Christophe Laplace-Treyture of IRSTEA Bordeaux in partnership with the Great Lakes Community of Municipalities (CCGL) and the Mimizan Community of Municipalities).

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