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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Video retrospective of the inter LabEx LaScArBx / COTE research project: LITAQLabEx COTEVideosMonday 26 January 2015 by GOUNY Claire.
Jérémy Lobry, Research Engineer - Irstea BordeauxLabEx COTE

Jérémy is a research engineer in the "Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Change" (EABX) unit at Irstea Bordeaux. He leads the "Operation of Estuarial Ecosystems" team, which focuses on the ecological condition of estuaries by studying their biodiversity and the operation of their trophic networks. His tool is mathematical modelling and his target is the fish communities. Very active within LabEx COTE, he is part of the scientific exchange group and participates in the MOMBASAR research project (LabEx COTE, AAP 2013).

PortraitsTuesday 13 January 2015 by GOUNY Claire.
Protolith: a facility for exploring the ear of a migrating fishLabEx COTE

Françoise Daverat (Irstea Bordeaux), Christophe Pecheyran (CNRS/UPPA) and Donatien Garnier (journaliste poète) designed the Protolith exhibition under the LabEx COTE "Transfert & Valorization" call for projects 2013. This facility is the unique one of its kind, as it brings together art and science and invites visitors to explore the ear of a migrating fish...

VideosTuesday 29 October 2013 by GOUNY Claire. Last update Monday 08 December 2014
COTE stakeholders Forum "Living with biological invasions?" LabEx COTE

The second edition of the LabEx COTE Stakeholders forum took place on Friday, September 19, 2014, at the Duguit lecture hall, Law department. This open symposium for sharing and exchanging, to which all the supporters of the issues dealt with by the LabEx COTE were invited, was dedicated to the issue of invasive species.

NewsMonday 20 October 2014 by GOUNY Claire.
Loris Deirmendijian, COTE doctoral student in the Epoc unitLabEx COTE

A PhD Student who has followed an unusual path, Loris carries out research for the Leyre CNP project, funded by LabEx COTE. This project brings together the Epoc and Ispa research units and aims to study carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus (CNP) behavior through one of the less well documented interfaces in water catchment areas: the soil-groundwater-river transition zone. His role in the project was primarily to establish a network of 30 sampling stations that represent the diversity of the Leyre catchment area. Samples will be collected from these stations on a monthly basis for two years; the analysis that follows will ultimately enable the project's objectives to be met.

PortraitsTuesday 14 October 2014 by GOUNY Claire.
Dernière date pour l'appel à projets « Colloques scientifiques » LabEx COTE Année 2014LabEx COTEle Monday 20 October 2014 to 12h

Afin de soutenir ses unités partenaires dans leurs stratégies de communication et de diffusion de l’information scientifique et technique, le LabEx COTE lance un appel d’offres « colloques scientifiques » avec pour objectif de soutenir les colloques, réunions, conférences, congrès, etc. nationaux et internationaux organisés par les unités partenaires du projet. Dernière date de 2014 pour soumettre votre candidature : lundi 20 octobre à midi . Pour en savoir plus sur l'appel à projets et télécharger le dossier de candidature cliquez sur "lire la suite".

NewsWednesday 02 July 2014 by GOUNY Claire. Last update Thursday 09 October 2014