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Save the date ! Colloque national sur l’Adaptation et l’Atténuation des territoires face aux effets du changement climatique
 13/10 - 15/10
Journées Scientifiques Pluridisciplinaires "Biodiversité et Services écosystémiques"
 02/11 - 03/11
Retour sur le colloque final du LabEx COTE !

Colloque CHEERS "Global changes in coastal systems: trends and predictions"

 04/11 - 08/11

Dernière mise à jour mardi 03 septembre 2019

CHEERS will be held in Bordeaux from 4 to 8 November 2019

The CHEERS – "Global changes and estuarine and coastal systems: innovative approaches and assessment tools", organised by IRSTEA Bordeaux, will cover recent work highlighting these trends using a wide diversity of analytical tools and approaches. Contributions covering different types of coastal systems (salt marshes, estuaries, lagoons, coastal area), a wide range of geographical areas and a large diversity of methods are expected. The integration of available knowledge to improve management tools and plans, as well as rehabilitate coastal habitats will be explored. Scientific and non-academic presenters are welcome to share their experiences and approaches for efficient management of estuarine and coastal areas.

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