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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Adrien Pourtier, LabEx COTE Project Manager

Crédit LabEx COTECrédit LabEx COTE

Adrien Pourtier is the LabEx COTE Project Manager. His role is to supervise the achievement of the objectives set by the project, through the coordination of all of the activities as well as human and financial resources. He will work at the interface between the authorities directing the project, the units involved, and the University of Bordeaux IdEx [1] cell.

[1] Excellence Initiative

Adrien has completed two degree courses and so could be said to have an atypical profile. However, his two Masters, one in prehistory from the University of Bordeaux 1 and the other in business administration from the IAE (Institute of Business Administration) make him ideally suited for a position such as the one that he occupies today at LabEx COTE.

After his Masters at IAE [2], he "participated in the carrying out of an assessment of the training services of all of the participants in the NUB [3]" at Bordeaux Segalen University. He was then recruited by PRES [4] as a coordination assistant in the operational management of the NUB site, where he participated in the general monitoring of projects, and managed the software being used, the production of indicators, and the department's budget. This experience gave him a very accurate picture of the operation of the University, and its various units and processes.

Following these activities in the PRES, he was project supervisor for several months at Aquitaine Digital University, where he monitored projects linked to distance learning in higher education establishments in Aquitaine.

"My role at LabEx COTE corresponds much more closely to my first university degree in sciences, while at the same time being related to my second degree in business administration at the project management level". Adrien will be aided by his excellent knowledge of the University and of project management tools and methods, thereby ensuring the overall operation and monitoring of the COTE project. He will work alongside Claire Gouny, LabEx COTE's transfer, development and communication manager.

[2] Institute of Business Administration

[3] New University of Bordeaux

[4] Research and higher education centre

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