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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Excellence in research

Researchers and engineers will find a complete environment in COTE for exercising their expertise, acquiring new skills and contributing to the development of new methodologies. Visiting positions will be available throughout the year, as well as specific training sessions and frequent symposia.

Three work packages

1.Identification of the mechanisms responsible for the evolution of ecosystems 

1.1 Natural drivers
- Climatic changes
- Atmospheric interactions
- Biotic changes

1.2 Anthropogenic drivers
- Degradation and contamination of ecosystems
- Land-use changes and over-exploitation of resources
- Changes in public policy

2.Ecosystem responses

- Ecosystem resistance
- Ecosystem adaptation : Inherent adaptive capacities / Assisted adaptation / Policy-driven adaptation
- Ecosystem transformation
- Ecosystem conservation

3.Trends and scenarios: Development of methods to predict medium and long term responses

- Integration of complementary approaches
- Modelling for long-term prediction
- Risk analysis  

Coupling of approaches:
Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Human and Social Science

Ecosystems concerned:
Forest / Agrosystems / Continental and coastal hydrosystems

Large experimental infrastructures

Facilities will support the project by providing access to research and experimental infrastructure, e.g.:

  • large-scale monitoring infrastructure for assessing ecological, chemical and atmospheric data in tree trials and coastal ecosystems
  • high throughput genotyping, sequencing and phenotyping facilities.

These facilities will be upgraded by the EquipEx XYLOFOREST “Forest2Wood2Fibre2Biomass for the Future”-, selected for funding (10,2 M€).