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Université de Bordeaux
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Claire Gouny, LabEx COTE Transfer, Valorisation, and Communication Manager

Crédit : LabEx COTECrédit : LabEx COTE

Claire Gouny is the LabEx COTE's Transfer, Valorisation, and Communication Manager. Her studies at Bordeaux 1 (degree in Earth and Marine Sciences and a Masters in biological anthropology, paleoanthropology and prehistory) make her more comfortable talking about science rather than practising it! After a master specialised in science mediation she was put in charge of scientific communication.

"I began working in the CNRS's press office with an internship which was extended to a contract as project manager to organise a CNRS event which lasted three years.  This first profession experience in maintaining press relations with the “PQR” [1], managing partnerships with regional institutions, and organising "mainstream" conferences and debates was a stepping stone. It helped her get her next job at the IRSTEA as project manager for the first National Conference on Natural Hazards. This conference intended to those involved in the prevention of natural hazards, was organised by IRSTEA under the aegis of the Ministry of Ecology. "At the end of her contract with IRSTEA, Claire was recruited to replace Audrey Thoraval as LabEx COTE project manager during her maternity leave and has been in charge of LabEx COTE's Transfer, Valorisation, and Communication since January 2013: "This job allowed me to continue working with the CNRS and IRSTEA while at last being at the heart of research units, which I had wanted for a long time. The LabEx COTE projects involves five different supervising authorities opening up structures in which I had never worked, such as the INRA, IFREMER, and the University, to me. When I was offered the opportunity to stay on and focus on LabEx's transfer and communication activities, I jumped at it".

Claire is in charge of monitoring "Transfer and Valorisation" activities and managing LabEx COTE's internal and external communication. "My first tasks in 2013 will be to organise the LabEx COTE Stakeholders Committee and the first Stakeholders Forum and implement communication tools for LabEx. In addition to these actions, I hope to quickly contribute to a better dissemination of information within the LabEx, the mutual understanding of project partner teams, and promoting the programme with social and economic partners".

[1] Regional newspapers

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