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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

LabEx COTE supports your training activities

At the end of 2014, the LabEx COTE launched a call for "Training" projects to support educational, training, teaching and other activities by its partner units. The activities shall be related to COTE's scientific priorities and involve at least two partner units. Applications accepted all year round. Financing: Up to 6,000 euros tax included (this allocation will not represent more than 50% of the total budget of the proposed activity).

 1.    Content of COTE's call for "Training" projects

Activity planning:

• One-day educational / training / teaching events in line with the LabEx's scientific priorities

• One-day training events for Biatss, Ita and other professionals

• Summer schools

• Continuing education

International projects should be encouraged.

 2.    Funding allocations

LabEx COTE funding is co-financed. The financial contribution of the organizing unit shall be at least equivalent to that of the LabEx COTE.

Each selected event will receive an allocation that can reach up to 6,000 euros tax included. This allocation will not represent more than 50% of the total budget of the proposed event.

The LabEx COTE will also provide support and advice as regards information dissemination and/or communications.

3.    Eligibility conditions

3.1.        Criteria

The activity will associate at least two COTE units.

The activity will necessarily take place in the Aquitaine region.

The project will be conducted by one of the units.

A consolidated forecast budget shall be provided (Cf application file).

Non-LabEx COTE research units can be associated provided that they clearly display how they can contribute to the project.

3.2.     Expenditures

- The funding allocated by the LabEx will be exclusively granted to the LabEx partner unit which has been appointed as project holder. Expenditures financed through the LabEx funding will be paid by this unit.

- Eligible expenditures: Operating expenses such as participants' traveling expenses, shelter and catering costs; other expenses (editorial services, digital resources, office supplies); traveling expenses of the permanent or temporary personnel who has been assigned to the project; services...

- Non eligible expenditures: equipment costs and salaries

1 cf article 3.4 of the regulation of June 7, 2012, determining the modalities of funding allocations under calls for proposals by laboratories of excellence

 4.    Project expertise

Projects will be assessed by the Executive committee of the LabEx COTE.

 5.    Proposal language

Proposals must be written in French or in English depending on the targeted audience.

 6.    Schedule and practical terms

- Launch of the call for proposals: end of 2014

- Reception and processing of the proposals over the course of 2015, at least three months before the targeted event; the application form can be downloaded at: http://cote.labex.u-bordeaux.fr, Calls for projects section)

 7.    Commitments

This funding allocation requires that the recipient should be committed to promote the LabEx COTE as well as the Investments in the Future program in all events relating to this project. The LabEx COTE pictogram and the Investments in the Future logo must appear on the various communication media. Furthermore, the sentence to be used in the documentation published through COTE financing (fully or partially) is:

"This document has been carried out with financial support from the French National Research Agency (ANR) in the frame of the Investments for the future Program, within the Cluster of Excellence COTE (ANR-10-LABX-45)."

Progress meetings with the "training and internationalization" project manager will be organized by the project holder to assume shared responsibilities with the LabEx COTE.

During this event, there will be a presentation of the LabEx COTE and its activities.

The Executive committee will also expect an activity report to be provided (in a format to be specified).

In the event of failure to comply with these commitments, the beneficiary will no longer be authorized to apply for any other LabEx COTE project funding.