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Information and Communication Technologies serving the diagnosis and epidemiological surveillance of diseases of horticultural crops and non-agricultural areas in South West France

Supervised by Dominique Blancard, Engineer at the INRA's UMR SAVE in partnership with the Economic Interest Group (EIG) Flowers and Plants of South West France and the Conseil Général de la Gironde's Regional Analysis Laboratory (L.D.A.33)

The INRA's Bordeaux SAVE unit recently developed several innovative IT applications that will be presented at the next International Agricultural Show (SIA). These applications use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and help disseminate knowledge and expertise in plant health under DiagnoPlante and VigiPlante appellations for the vegetable and wine sectors in particular.

The purpose of this project is to provide the horticultural industry and people working in the northern greenspace Non-Agricultural Zones (ZNA) of South West France with comparable dedicated applications. For this it will be necessary to aggregate and transfer knowledge and expertise in plant health held by the INRA, the EIG Flowers and Plants, and the Gironde Region. A website will be built on the INRA e-Phytia portal and mobile decision-making, diagnostic- plant health advice tools will be provided to horticultural and greenspace professionals.  A network of observers providing epidemiological surveillance on a dedicated mobile tool will be organised.

IT applications will also contribute to improving the technical knowledge in plant health of employees in charge of horticultural crops and green spaces and will ultimately better manage health issues and in particular reduce the use of pesticides.

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