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Seminar "Biodiversity and ecosystem services: knowledge and practices"

The "Biodiversity and ecosystem services, knowledge and practices" seminar, jointly organized by the LabEx COTE and the Biodiversity mission of the Aquitaine Regional Council, was held at Cap Sciences on Friday, January 24, 2014.  

Around a hundred participants attended this one-day forum, which started and ended with the interventions of Gilles Boeuf, Chairman of the French National Museum of Natural History.

Last update Thursday 17 July 2014

Biodiversity and ecosystem services: knowledge and practices

Friday, January 24, 2014 - Lecture hall, Cap Sciences

"Transfer" seminar of the LabEx COTE in partnership with the Biodiversity mission of the Aquitaine Regional Council

Led by Anne-Laure Bedu, Presqu'île agency

Introduction by Monique de Marco - Vice president of Environment and Adaptation to global warming in the Aquitaine region

9.30am–10.30am Introductory lecture by Gilles Boeuf - Chairman of the French National Museum of Natural History.

10.30am–12.30pm: Round table: "Biodiversity and the ecosystem services approach"

  • Understanding and promoting ecosystem services - Justine Delangue - Environmental systems project manager at the French Committee for IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
  • Convincing decision-makers of the interest of preserving ecosystems (Case studies in the Aquitaine Region) – Marie-Agnès Dupouey - Director of the Biodiversity mission of the Aquitaine Regional Council
  • Discussion
  • Monetization of biodiversity from the perspective of economics – Jean-Christophe Pereau - Professor at the University of Bordeaux - UMR GREThA
  • Ecosystem services in ecological terms – Didier Alard - Professor at the University of Bordeaux – UMR BioGeCo
  • Discussion
  • How has biodiversity become a major issue for industrialists? David THOMAS, Dordogne Biosphere Initiative project manager - EDF
  • The relationship between citizen science and ecosystem services – Ondine Filippi-Codaccioni – Ecologist at LPO Aquitaine (Bird Protection League)
  • Discussion

12.30pm – 2pm Lunch

2pm Round table: "Ecosystem services: an operational concept?"

  • Nature and its diversity in the 55,000 hectares of the Cub (Bordeaux Urban Community) - Dominique Stevens – Head of Nature Department at Cub
  • An operational concept? - François Esnault - Head of Environment - General Council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques
  • Discussion
  • Discussions on ecosystem services: the example of water management - Jeofrey Dehez, Research fellow at Irstea Bordeaux, ADBX unit
  • Research to action – Eric Rochard, Research Director at Irstea, EABX unit
  • Discussion

4pm: Conclusion by Gilles Bœuf - Chairman of the French  National Museum of Natural History

4.30pm end of seminar

Speakers and participants could share experiences and questions on the current knowledge in this field and on methods to be developed as regards the setting up of public management tools aiming to take into account the value and preservation of biodiversity. The LabEx wishes to thank all participants and speakers for attending this very detailed and constructive exchange seminar.

Introduction par Gilles Boeuf
Table ronde Biodiversité et l'approche par les services écosystémiques
Table ronde Services écosystémiques - un concept opérationnel
Conclusion par Gilles Boeuf