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Post-doc position at the University of Lorraine : Evaluation of soil quality supplemented with ashes

A 12-months post-doctoral position is available at the University of Lorraine. The objective is to evaluate the quality of soil supplemented with ashes for biomass production.

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MOdelling Mechanistic BioAccumulation of organic contaminants in the food web of Solea solea in the Gironde estuARy (supervised by Pierre LABADIE team LPTC (UMR EPOC) in partnership with Irstea and Ifremer.

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Past and future cadmium contamination in fish habitats of the Gironde estuary : an otolith and modeling approach (Supervised by Françoise DAVERAT (Irstea) in partnership with UMR EPOC, Irstea and IPREM LCABIE (Laboratory of Bioinorganic Analytical and Environmental Chemistry)).

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Carbon dynamics of nitrogen and phosphorus on the aquatic and terrestrial interface of the Leyre catchment area (supervised by Gwenaël Abril of the EPOC in partnership with ISPA).

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Influence of the quality of dissolved organic matter on the toxicity of pesticides on micro-algae along a freshwater - marine water continuum (supervised by Soizic Morin of the IRSTEA Bordeaux in partnership with IFREMER Nantes and the UMR EPOC).

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Microbial and arthropod community species flows between forest and vineyard ecosystems (supervised by Cécile Robin of the UMR BioGeCO in partnership with the SAVE and ISPA).

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