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Crédit LabEx COTESeminar "Biodiversity and ecosystem services: knowledge and practices"

The "Biodiversity and ecosystem services, knowledge and practices" seminar, jointly organized by the LabEx COTE and the Biodiversity mission of the Aquitaine Regional Council, was held at Cap Sciences on Friday, January 24, 2014. Around a hundred participants attended this one-day forum, which started and ended with the interventions of Gilles Boeuf, Chairman of the French National Museum of Natural History.

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Thomas Fort, COTE doctoral student in the BioGeCo unitThomas Fort, COTE doctoral student in the BioGeCo unit

In the process of doing his doctoral thesis in the context of the FLUX.com research project, which is financed by LabEx COTE and brings together the BioGeCo [1], SAVE [2] and ISPA [3] research units, Thomas Fort is a flourishing doctoral student looking for openings.

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Crédit LabEx COTEAdrien Pourtier, LabEx COTE Project Manager

Adrien Pourtier is the LabEx COTE Project Manager. His role is to supervise the achievement of the objectives set by the project, through the coordination of all of the activities as well as human and financial resources. He will work at the interface between the authorities directing the project, the units involved, and the University of Bordeaux IdEx [1] cell. [1] Excellence Initiative

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Crédit LabEx COTEJulien Dumercq, LabEx COTE training coordinator

Julien Dumercq arrived at LabEx COTE in mid-February 2014 and assists Claire Gouny with training and communication initiatives. He is responsible, among other things, for the organization of the international Summer School.

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Richard Ortega, CNRS Research Director and co-manager of the UMR CENBG's IPCV team (CNRS, University of Bordeaux 1)Richard Ortega, CNRS Research Director and co-manager of the UMR CENBG's IPCV team (CNRS, University of Bordeaux 1)

Richard Ortega trained as a chemist and is currently a CNRS Research Director in the UMR CENBG. He has been jointly in charge of the IPCV team which develops analysis, imaging, and irradiation methods using the AIFIRA [1] platform's particle accelerator since 2011. These imaging and irradiation studies are mainly intended to find biological or environmental applications. This line of research led the IPCV team to become a "LabEx COTE" partner. [1] Interdisciplinary Applications of ion beams in the Aquitaine Region

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Crédit : ISVVJean-Philippe Roby, research lecturer at Bordeaux Agri sciences, in the UMR EGFV, and member of the LabEx COTE's "transfer" group

Jean-Philippe Roby trained as an engineer and is currently a research lecturer at Bordeaux Agri Sciences. His work focuses on ecophysiology and the concept of vineyard terroir in the UMR EGFV [1] and he has managed the ISVV's [2] Department of Technology Transfer and Valorisation. This dual expertise led him to be part of the LabEx COTE's "transfer" working group. [1] Ecophysiology and Functional Genomics of the Vine (UMR 1287 INRA, Bordeaux Agri Sciences, University of Bordeaux 1, University of Bordeaux Segalen), EGFV has a structuring role in the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (University of Bordeaux) [2] Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (University of Bordeaux)

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