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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx COTECluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Hugues Bijoux, transfer and development engineer, a role at the interface between research and socio-economics LabEx COTE

Hugues Bijoux's task is to pass available scientific knowledge on PAH contamination [1] in Arcachon Bay between the EPOC research unit [2], Ifremer's [4] LER laboratory [3] in Arcachon, the Adour-Garonne Water Agency and socio-economic stakeholders in the Bay such as the SIBA [5] and the CRC [6]. Project title: "Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the waters of Arcachon bay - synthesis of available data and assessment of sources". A galvanizing new challenge!

PortraitsThursday 28 August 2014 by GOUNY Claire.
"COTE & flux: exchanges/nutrient and contaminant flux between ecosystem compartments and impacts on their functioning"LabEx COTE

Program of activities: 10.15am Christophe Nguyen / Laurence Denaix (ISPA) Soil-plant transfer of minerals and trace elements in agrosystems: impacts on the quality of the consumed vegetable products 10.35am Pierre Labadie, Gabriel Munoz and Hélène Budzinski (EPOC - LPTC) Spatial and temporal trends of perfluoroalkylated compounds in the River Seine and transfer to the periphytic...

NewsWednesday 27 August 2014 by GOUNY Claire.
COTE scientific seminar on "Invasive species" on July 10, 2014 - Conferences and report available on lineLabEx COTE

Program of activities: Nastasia Merceron (BioGeCo) - "Control of Acer negundo insights from experimental and physiological studies" Cristina Ribaudo (Irstea) - "Influence of invasive hydrophytes on the biogeochemistry of shallow lakes" Maud Berroneau (SHF) - "Alien invasive reptiles and amphibians" Guy Bachelet (EPOC) - "Non-indigenous species on the Channel and Atlantic coastlines: What...

NewsWednesday 27 August 2014 by GOUNY Claire.
Seminar "Biodiversity and ecosystem services: knowledge and practices"LabEx COTE

The "Biodiversity and ecosystem services, knowledge and practices" seminar, jointly organized by the LabEx COTE and the Biodiversity mission of the Aquitaine Regional Council, was held at Cap Sciences on Friday, January 24, 2014. Around a hundred participants attended this one-day forum, which started and ended with the interventions of Gilles Boeuf, Chairman of the French National Museum of Natural History.

NewsWednesday 29 January 2014 by GOUNY Claire. Last update Thursday 17 July 2014
Thomas Fort, COTE doctoral student in the BioGeCo unitLabEx COTE

In the process of doing his doctoral thesis in the context of the FLUX.com research project, which is financed by LabEx COTE and brings together the BioGeCo [1], SAVE [2] and ISPA [3] research units, Thomas Fort is a flourishing doctoral student looking for openings.

PortraitsMonday 07 July 2014 by GOUNY Claire.
Adrien Pourtier, LabEx COTE Project ManagerLabEx COTE

Adrien Pourtier is the LabEx COTE Project Manager. His role is to supervise the achievement of the objectives set by the project, through the coordination of all of the activities as well as human and financial resources. He will work at the interface between the authorities directing the project, the units involved, and the University of Bordeaux IdEx [1] cell. [1] Excellence Initiative

PortraitsFriday 21 March 2014 by GOUNY Claire. Last update Tuesday 01 April 2014